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December 2011
Anaf S.p.A. acquires Delta Extinctors which changed name to Delta Extinguishers.

Anaf S.p.A. is the European leader in the manufacture of the portable fire extinguishers of 1,2 kg for cars, caravans, ships and of 4,6,9 and 12 kg capacity for the fire protection in the industrial areas.
All items are designed and manufactured in factories ANAF with the highest levels of quality and in accordance with European and international standards with the approval of the competent national organism.
The series of products manufactured includes the production and distribution of a wide range of accessories for the fire and safety market approved and certified in the European countries, extra-UE, Africa, Middle and Far East.

Welcome to DELTA Extinguishers website

Our company manufactures and markets modern design fire extinguishers. DELTA Extinguishers are sold in more than 20 European countries; the company also markets other equipment related to car safety.

Professional fire extinguishers

DELTA Extinguishers supplies this item of equipment for more than one out of two cars in Belgium, from a Rolls-Royce to the most popular makes of car, including Mercedes, Jaguar, etc.  

Domestic fire extinguishers

DELTA Extinguishers is also active in the domestic fire extinguishers market where it successfully launched a range of products sold in supermarkets and hypermarkets.  

Other car safety equipment

DELTA Extinguishers also markets other equipment related to car safety (first-aid kits, warning triangles, number plate holders, etc.).